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It's Simple: Black Lives Matter

Saying that Black lives matter shouldn't be controversial in the slightest. For far too long, the institutional forces of systemic racism have kept Black people from reaching their full potential. Many have succeeded in spite of this. Many have been beaten down into poverty and despair. Many have died, victims of a society designed to be rigged against them. It's time for it stop. Any system that causes suppression of human dignity should be abolished. Whether it's police violence, a racist criminal code, healthcare costs, lack of decent affordable housing, hiring discrimination, or education disparities, many commonly accepted "facts of life" in 21st century America only exist in their current form because they were designed to prevent people of color from attaining livelihoods that were equal to whites. Many were designed by racists to fulfill racist ends. Trust me, I'm a former history teacher.

Every day that these systems of oppression and violence continue to exist, it is because we have made a societal choice to continue to allow them to exist. We should do so no more. Skeens Law has volunteered to represent Black Lives Matter protestors in the Louisville area for free. If you or someone you know is need of an attorney because you were arrested at a Black Lives Matter event, please call 502-403-2394 today.

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